Friday, May 29, 2009


It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. - Henry David Thoreau

He's Back...

Well it’s good to be back. So far 2009 has been a blur of projects and activity involving work with a variety of clients and challenges. I’ve completed my work with International Aid’s HydrAid Biosand water filter project wrapping it up with a month long planning project in the Dominican Republic. I continue in a faculty role with the Gray Institute GIFT program (Applied Functional Science). Other client projects this year have involved practice valuations, practice exit strategies, operational and financial performance benchmarking, strategic planning, implementation of variable compensation models for clinical practices, new business startups, implementation of cash based business opportunities in medical rehab, business performance software development, ergonomic product design work, and business development in the personal training sector, among other things.

The economy continues to be front and center with everyone I talk with in Michigan, across the US, and around the world! I’m seeing practices/businesses that are struggling to survive and those that are thriving in terms of growth, opportunity, and profitability. For those who have been focused the past few years on business performance improvement, strategic advantage, and conservative fiscal management, the past 7 months have proven to be a time of new opportunity while competitors struggle. As competitors pull back or fold, it is creating new opportunities for growth for those who remain.

The new Obama administration is certainly positioning for changes/reductions in health care spending – it’s sure to touch providers in every sector. There has never been a time when it has been more important to get and keep one’s house and practice in order. New regulations, requirements, and red tape is certain. Reimbursement will continue to erode. Profitability will continue to erode with it. The bottom line... If you’re tired of the results you’re not getting, then stop doing what isn’t working!

It's time to focus, prioritize, and simplify!

The economy has had a new baseline and a new normal established. Has your practice too?

Every practice should be asking itself, “What are the few things that must be done now to assure competitiveness and profitability in this new economy? Then it needs to accomplish those things quickly and efficiently!

As we continue in the BLOG I would like to finish up some loose ends on my series of Performance Matters Ideas and then shift gears to consider business strategies in a changing market. Thanks for your patience over the past few months. I look forward to continuing to share my insights and perspectives with you. Your questions and comments are always appreciated!

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