Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breeding for the Future

“Breeding is a way to brainstorm fast and loose; engineering is a way to fine tune and control”
-Kevin Kelly

Health related practices tend to focus on fine tuning what is - design a new form, save a minute, reassign a task, comply with a new rule, refine a technique, teach an old protocol.

You know the routine...

But what if the future will be different from the past? 
  1. What if we had 6+  billion people on earth rather than the 2 billion that were here when I was born? Hint - we do!
  2. What if they all want what we have? Hint - They do!
  3. What if the earth lacked the resources to achieve that? Hint - It does!
  4. What if health was more impacted by lifestyles than disease? Hint - It is!
  5. What if government funds were inadequate to meet financial obligations? Hint - They are! 
  6. What if  healthcare spending couldn't keep up with healthcare expectations? Hint - It can't!
  7. What if new health legislation were to slash entitlement healthcare spending? Hint - It will!
  8. What if all of this were not far off into the future but just around the corner? Hint - It is!
Then, fine tuning what we do will not be enough. 

It's time for breeding not engineering. It's time for innovation, experimentation, and iteration.

It's time to get real! It's time to see ourselves differently. It's time to think differently. It's time to seek new solutions. It's time to embrace new opportunity.  It's time to reinvest in our future.

Is your practice breeding or engineering

What are you investing toward thriving not just surviving tomorrow?

Tomorrow is today!

All the Best!


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