Wednesday, December 21, 2011
As we watch another year wind down and celebrate the Christmas season and the beginning of a new year, I want to extend a simple thank you to friends and clients (they are one in the same) for another satisfying year of business challenges opportunities and friendships. It has been my privilege to contribute to your success and to have grown together.

Over the past 18 months I've been working with a select group of PT private practices from around the USA in a new business collaborative called InVisage. It is a close knit group that is quietly redefining how physical therapy is practiced and the opportunities that build on our competencies. If you are a PT private practice owner you might be interested. 

Because of my time commitments to the InVisage practices and other select physical therapy and personal training clients, I'm finding less and less time to blog for "public" benefit. Instead, my daily blogging and twice a week webinars are be directed toward creating prosperity for the committed few. Doing so also protects my personal time with family and friends.

The several hundred timeless blog posts that are contained here have been gathered over the years and are here for your exploration and use - I'm confident you will find benefit as a practice owner and countless others. I would particularly call your attention to the Matrix series (see select post topics in the lower left column).

 I'll be back from time to time with posts as time allows. In the meantime, feel free to contract me if I can be of service.

All the Best,

(c) 2011
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