Monday, May 21, 2012


It seems that the news, politics,  marketing, compliance, consulting, and even charity have all become the slaves of an EMERGENCY mentality! Watch it live as it unfolds.

All demand immediate attention and action it seems. ACT NOW! We careen along from one emergency to the next led by headlines, tweets, and shouting.

Get caught up in the emotion of the moment. No time for thoughtful reflect. Forget the analysis. Someone will interpret it for you. Don't understand it - just label it. Here today gone tomorrow - that's the news.

Well that's not how permanent change and long term value creation happens. Its how mistakes are made and unnecessary risk is taken.

Emergency management is no way to run a business. Its no way to grow a business, ...or trust for that matter.

Most things are not nearly as urgent or critical as others would lead us to believe.

Perhaps the proverbial window isn't closing - maybe its opening instead; and the glass isn't half empty but rather filling to overflowing.

When all one has is a fleeting snapshot, trajectory, speed and acceleration can't be judged.

Take a deep breath. Step back a few moments. Look around. Ask questions. Choose your own path.

Perhaps its time to replace emergency with cogency... focusing instead on relevance, rigor, validity, and credibility. Seek first to understand. Practice prudence and patience. Don't make decisions that don't need to be made.


(c) 2012
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