Saturday, August 13, 2011

InVisage InVitation

Over the past few months I've hinted about a group of progressive physical therapy practice owners that have come together from across the country to redefine competitive advantage and in doing so create new possibilities and prosperity for their practices. They are clear-eyed professionals who understand one does not take the lead by playing follow-the-leader or running with the crowd. 

When everyone is zigging there's a lot of value in zagging. They are zagging - big time! 

Maybe you should too...

Each has purpose, autonomy, and mastery in their clinic practice, business operations,  marketing, and in themselves as leaders. Each is practicing differently, each is practicing better, each has taken control of their own future and reward is seeking them out. 

Times have changed. Old patterns of practice are no longer adequate.Old patterns of professional association have lost potency. The playing field is not level and will not become level. Risks are greater as are their consequences. The rules and economics of practice have changed forever.

This coming together of like-minded private practice owners is called InVisage. It is doing together what no one practice could do alone. InVisage is a game changer. It is an exclusive collaboration of premier practices in exclusive markets that are innovating fast, gaining momentum, and getting results. InVisage is not out to change the profession; but rather to progress beyond the profession. Its not about surviving. It is about thriving.Invisage is for progressive physical therapy private practice owners who belief there is more, much more, than the tightening constraints and frustrations of traditional PT practice.  

Interested? Contact me. 

Perhaps InVisage is in your future...

All the Best!


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