Friday, August 12, 2011

You are the Gold

"Recent fluctuations in the stock market have driven the price of gold way up. Many people believe that when currency weakens, gold is a standard that you can depend on.
 I’m not an economist, so I cannot say if this approach is correct. Yet whenever I hear about people flocking to buy gold, I remember the advice I once heard a spiritual teacher give a student who could not seem to get a handle on prosperity. “You are the gold,” he told her.
We all like the idea of what money can do for us, but few of us recognize what we can do for ourselves. Spiritual guide Bashar predicts that, at some point, our economy will shift from a standard based on commodities such as gold or oil, to a standard based on the value of people and the skills and talents we have to offer. We will cease to trust in stuff and begin to trust in spirit.
This makes a lot of sense to me. There is much strife in the world as people fight over commodities with limited resources. Meanwhile, human beings are the ultimate renewable resource. The most successful people are those with good ideas, which are infinite and eternal. Stephen Jobs, for example, has commandeered ideas that have revolutionized the computer, audio, and PDA industry. He is wealthy, not because of what he gathered from outside himself, but because of what he brought forth from inside himself.
 Buy gold if you want to, but don’t overlook the gold inside you. You are precious and powerful beyond measure and not at all subject to fluctuations around you. Bashar suggests, 'Take stock in yourself.'" - Alan Cohen

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