Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Gray Institute Live Symposium Participants

I have the privilege to speak at the Gray Institute Live Applied Functional Science Symposium in Chicago today. There will be dozens of speakers presenting on one stage with hundreds of therapists, trainers, and coaches participating. WOW!

My topic topic is "Tweakology ...Consider the Possibilities"

There are just 3 primary colors - red, blue, and green; yet when combined they produce infinite color possibilities - think rainbows, sunsets, and art. And, that's just the visible spectrum that our eyes can see... there is also the infrared and ultraviolet portion of the spectrum. The visible spectrum represents our body, the infrared our minds, and the ultraviolet our spirits - all three are a part of the spectrum and a part of life.

So too, exercise involves 3 primary elements - a person, a task, and an environment that engage 3 primary variables - movement, force, and time. When combined, they too produce infinite possibilities that touch body, mind, and spirit - that which we see and that which we don't see.

These elements and variables are what put the Magic in the 3-D Matrix.The possibilities are endless.

In preschool children are given a blank piece of paper and crayons (affordances) and invited to color. They predictably choose their favorite color (attractor well) and scribble (emmergent patterns) randomly across the paper (environment). Over time kids learn to draw lines, shapes and images (constraints). They learn to color (move) within the lines with purpose. They learn to mix (integrate) color and to introduce shading, texture, and perspective. Every child is unique. Every drawing is a unique reflection of the child who drew it.

So too it is with exercise. People tend to choose a few favorites and apply them randomly and even recklessly. But exercise like color can be evolved, refined, and customized to reflect the unique needs and aspirations of any person at any time.

As therapists, trainers, and coaches we are artists. We don't paint on canvas but rather sculpt in the flesh and bones of our patients, clients, and athletes.

Tweak! ...Put the magic in the matrix. ...Put the magic in living!

Enjoy this celebration of kids, color, and movement and remember you have the power to create perfect exercise for each person you engage... The Crayola Song (~4 min.). 

Consider this Matters That Matter Reflection "Creatures" on the art of sculpting movement.

Search for the magic! Become the artist you are meant to be!

All the Best!


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